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"EMF" Magnetic Pendant Necklace - NEW


  • $39.95

5G "Alternating Current" (AC) Protector!!!!!

This NEW decadent Magnetic "EMF" Health Necklace is stunningly beautiful for all occasions or everyday wear!  Balance – Energy – Power

High-Quality Stainless Steel - 5 elements and super strong magnets emit bio-energetic frequencies to neutralize and protect you from radiation.  


Magnetic Material: Neodynium
Surface Gauss: 1000 Gauss (each magnet)
Penetration: 9” (50cm)
Polarity: North-Negative (-)



Persons fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps, or other electronic medical devices should keep magnetic products at least 18" (45cm) from the device. Pregnant women should consult their healthcare professional before using magnetic products.

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