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Amazing Results! - testimony by a happy user

I started to wear the glasses just 5 or 10 minutes daily and I noticed great improvement in my vision  and less fatigue in the eyes and I was able to read without my reading glasses. I wasn't aware at first but I noticed one day I picked up an article to read and said to my husband I'm reading this very clearly without my glasses so I am convinced the glasses were able to help my eyes to focus better so I highly recommend to anyone to give them a try and see what you notice!! Review by: Corinne P.

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Magnetic Ankle Support - Back on Track Quicker


Established in 1991, Serenity 2000 is proud to be an industry leader in the development and manufacture of better quality, highly therapeutic magnetic products. 

Our extensive experience and knowledge in magnetic wearables field has enabled us to develop superior product lines. Each and every product in the SERENITY2000 product catalogue has been designed to achieve the highest wellness benefits. 

1. We use only superior quality and gauss strength magnetic materials that are appropriate for each of our products. 

2. The number of magnets used in each product far exceeds the minimum necessary for effectiveness. 

3. The magnets in our products are placed in the appropriate grid and/or configuration to create a deep penetrating magnetic field, essential for achieving maximum benefits.

5. We guarantee that the magnets contained in our products will retain their magnetic strength for the lifetime of the user. 

6. SERENITY2000 products are designed to be easy and comfortable to wear. Our jewelry line is both aesthetically pleasing and highly effective magnetic products.