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We did some research for you and this is what we found...

Most magnetic therapy products claim to be the best in the market. If they were, why are they hiding what type of magnet is being used or the penetration of the magnet? Why are they using far less magnets in their product? Answer: Lack of knowledge and cost.

Serenity2000 offers quality products with the most magnets as well as a description of what magnet material is used, polarity, number of magnets, surface gauss (Strength of magnet) etc.

The four most common types magnetic material used in magnet therapy products are:

Most commonly used in shoe insoles. 
Material Gauss Rating: 2500 Gauss. On the average products made with this type of material will measure 200 - 350 gauss on the surface, depending on the thickness of the material.

Most commonly used in body wraps, pads and cushions. 
Material Gauss Rating: Grade 8 - 4000 Gauss. On the average ceramic magnets used in magnet therapy products will measure 800-1100 gauss on the surface depending on the size of the magnet.

Most commonly used in magnetic jewelry and individually on pain trigger or acupuncture points. 
Material Gauss Rating: 12500 Gauss. A typical neodymium magnet used as above will measure 1000-3500 gauss on the surface depending on its size.

Most commonly used in good quality jewelry where rusting is to be avoided. A very expensive magnet, very brittle, therefore labor intensive. 
Material Gauss Rating: 11,000 gauss. On the average a samarium cobalt magnet used in jewelry will measure 1000 - 2500 gauss depending on its size.

Explaining Polarity

Every magnet has a north and a south pole. In bio-magnetic terms the side of the magnet attracted to the earth’s South Pole is designated as the North Pole of the magnet. The side of the magnet attracted to the earth’s North Pole is the South Pole of the magnet.

In North America reputable magnetic products are either North Pole or Bi-Polar. When a magnetic product is called North Pole it means that all the magnets in the product are placed so that the North Pole contacts the body. When a magnetic product is called Bipolar it means that the magnets are arranged so that both North and South Poles contact the body.

The polarities are said to have the following effect: 
North Pole: Calming, relaxing effect 
South Pole: Stimulating, activating effect