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Tourmaline / Magnetic Elbow Sleeves - NEW

Tourmaline / Magnetic Elbow Sleeves - NEW


  • $39.95

The Tourmaline / Magnetic Elbow Sleeves provide gentle support and warmth
to relieve discomfort in the elbow.  Great for sports-related injuries and arthritic elbow.

Elasticized, pull-on tubular design.  Contour shape to prevent it from sliding down.

Sold in pairs. Each box contains 2 x elbow sleeves.

The woven-in fibers: Tourmaline / Magnetic / Biological and Far-Infrared fibers provide a uniquely positive impact on your feeling of wellness.  Far infrared draws heat and blood flow to the area.  Therefore allows the magnet to absorb into the body quickly for faster relief of aches and pain. 

Comfortable stretch material.

One size fits all!

Hand wash in warm water and hang to dry.


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